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Ready to replace your scantrons and No. 2 pencils with real world experience? Take your education beyond the classroom with AFL’s co-op and internship programs. If qualified, you will have the chance to get hands on experience in your area of study. You will be immersed in one of today’s most innovative companies, providing students the opportunity to work with industry leaders, learn progressive business strategies and become a part of AFL’s unique culture and fun work environment. Without a textbook in sight, our interns and co-ops are given tasks and projects that are both challenging and appropriate for their level of education. Plus, our associates will coach, mentor and support you along the way, making sure you receive a first-class education.

AFL has provided unique learning opportunities for students since 2008, and takes great pride in its student programs. Over the years, we have become very successful at identifying and mentoring outstanding students. In fact, many of our co-ops and interns continued their professional careers right here at AFL.

University Co-op Program

Coordinating with select universities, AFL’s University Co-op Program allows students to rotate between a semester of class and a semester of “on the job” learning. Ideal for students who want to apply their education immediately after they learn it, this program is a great opportunity for students to develop important business skills and boost their education. If you choose AFL’s co-op program, you will be assigned a series of projects that are determined by your academic year and previously completed courses. As a co-op your assigned projects will involve reducing operational costs, improving operational processes, discovering innovative solutions to real issues and increasing value for our customers.


Internship Program

Want to use your education while you’re receiving it? Then check out AFL’s internship program, where students gain a variety of learning experiences at an early stage in their career. Offered in spring, fall and summer, this 12-week program prepares students for real company settings with leading business strategies, a diversity of projects and mentoring by industry professionals. Whether you are studying marketing or engineering, AFL’s internship program is a perfect way to get your resume to the top of the stack.


Who Do We Hire?

The majority of our co-op positions are in manufacturing facilities, and most of our co-ops are engineering majors. However, our marketing, finance, international trade, human resources and other departments also offer a limited number of co-op positions.

The competencies and skills that make a student successful in our intern/co-op programs are:

  • Communication - Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Organization - Effectively handles multiple tasks and projects
  • Detail Oriented - Analytical and logical approach to problem-solving
  • Accountability - Takes responsibility seriously and focuses on the goal
  • Initiative - A strong work ethic and enthusiasm for getting things done

How to Apply

To apply, either interview on campus (check with your placement office or attend your campus career fairs), or see currently available internship/co-op opportunities below.

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