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“At AFL, we strive to meet our customers’ real world problems. We want to work with them to create network solutions that save them money, increase revenue and increase their customer satisfaction. Having been on that side of the discussion myself, that was exactly what I looked for from my vendor partners.”

Rusty Williams
Director of Business Development



“I have been given great opportunities here at AFL. As a member of our Finance team, I know we are positively impacting overall company results. That makes coming to work each day worthwhile. While it’s always busy and often demanding, I really enjoy my job here at AFL.”

Audril Jones
Accounts Payable Supervisor



“AFL strives to stay on the cutting edge, applying new ideas and new technologies to their expertise in fiber optics to create new products. Helping to develop these new technologies to support our customers is exciting and rewarding.”

Jeff Jamieson
Security Products Applications Engineer



“AFL continues to build on our history of the pursuit of excellence each and every day. 'That’s good enough' is never an option; we’ll continue to drive improvement in the services we provide, the products we produce and the communities in which we live.”

Chandra Verrett 
System Analyst



“It's simple. At AFL, we connect. We can provide you with a one stop source—from A to Z. We have products and solutions to meet your needs.”

Candice Goodwin
Administrative Assistant



“One of the key contributors of AFL’s success is that we listen to our internal and external customers, and then we provide great products, services, training and documentation that meets each customer’s needs.”

Run Ron
ISP Product Specialist



“Culturally, AFL never settles. We are always looking for better ways to do things by using systems like Root Cause Problem Analysis. We analyze the data to improve our processes for AFL, which benefits both internal and external customers. I think this culture of continuous improvement is something that makes AFL different from most companies our size.”

Frank Wilkins
Maintenance Tech II



“AFL sells an incredibly wide variety of products to meet any need our customers may have. Our product portfolio has grown from offering just a few fiber types, to well over a hundred types. This is what AFL does – Engineer and Build products to meet each customer’s needs—whatever they are.”

Steve Melton
GFPS (Global Fujikura Production System) Manager




“AFL doesn’t just sell products. We sell solutions and services to back our solutions. AFL’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop on the manufacturing floor. It continues beyond the transaction, helping you achieve excellence.”

Maggie Cahill
Marketing Communications Coordinator




“It’s important to me to be part of a company that values its associates. AFL’s Wellness Program is just one example of putting associates first.”

Angie Stroupe
Benefits Manager