AFL Community
Outreach Program

Responding to the needs
of our communities

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AFL’s Community Outreach Program evolved in response to needs in the communities where we have operations. As we expand into new communities, we continue to seek opportunities to reach out and help our neighbors. It is in this spirit that AFL imagines.

Imagine building a foundation so that communities can thrive. Imagine individuals coming together to build on that foundation and helping neighbors. Imagine increasing hope and decreasing despair. Imagine making a lasting impact on the lives of strangers. Imagine that person is you.

AFL is committed to being an exemplary corporate citizen in the communities where we operate. Why? Because it is in our DNA. We have seen our commitments work.

AFL’s Community Outreach program consists of several initiatives – all with the same goal: to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Through grants, engagement programs, environmental initiatives and more, AFL imagines communities that are strong and thriving.