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EHS program provides safe work environment with keen focus on environmental stewardship

AFL has a long and proven history of focusing on the health and safety of our workforce and the preservation of the environment for the benefit of communities today and future generations. Our commitment includes specific short- and long-term goals at our manufacturing sites. Hallmarks of our program include:

  • Providing a safe work environment for all associates
  • Regularly auditing operations at our manufacturing facilities to ensure conformance to our policies
  • Established global safety, health and environmental processes based on regulatory requirements and recognized best practices
  • A record of stewardship that includes careful conservation of the natural resources, including reduction of waste, promotion of recycling and efficiency in our energy and water use
  • Working with customers, suppliers and government agencies to meet our safety, health and environmental responsibilities
  • A culture that focuses on continuous improvement

Safety, health and environmental management is a priority area of accountability at AFL. In fact, it is one our core values. We take the time to ensure that each project is completed in a safe way that reflects our environmental commitment.

Download Environmental Stewardship Brochure


AFL's EHS Organization

Doug Hoffman - Environmental, Health and Safety Director at AFL
Don Heatherly - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager Spartanburg and the Light Brigade
Margaret Harman - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager Swindon & HR Manager
Willy Rietenberg - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager Germany & Maintenance Manager
Mireya Maqui – Environmental Coordinator Monterrey
Miguel Tellez – Safety Coordinator Monterrey
Tamara Hall - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager Network Services
Julian Mercer - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager Network Services
Keith Ball - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager TCC & Quality Manager
Granger Massey - Workers Compensation Coordinator

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