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AFL excels in custom designed products for broadcast and audiovisual applications

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For solutions that provide durability and performance, the industry depends on AFL for flexible cable construction and support equipment

The need for speed and reliability are critical for broadcast and television networks. To meet the ongoing and increasing demand for greater bandwidth for data, voice, sound and multimedia, broadcasters are continuing to invest in fiber optics as the fastest and most reliable media to solve their production and distribution challenges.

AFL offers tight buffered cable for use in extreme weather and unpredictable environmental conditions. AFL's products are uniquely suited for fiber optic assemblies used in electronic news gatherers, including field installable HDTV cameras for sporting and media events, security and sensing applications, temporary communications links and more.
Ideal for studio and mobile broadcasting applications, AFL broadcast fiber cables are water- and UV-resistant, can be deployed and retrieved as needed, and are resistant to impact, bends and harsh conditions.
The broadcast cable uses all standard fiber types including single-mode, bend insensitive single-mode and multimode. In addition to the broadcast cable, AFL also offers Fujikura fusion splicers, for broadcast SMPTE cable for use with HDTV fiber optic Tri-Loc® camera connectors, and FuseConnect® splice-on field installable connectors.

End-to-end solutions

Broadcasters and AV companies looking for solutions that provide durability and performance while exceeding industry expectations for fiber optic cable performance can rely on AFL to deliver highly flexible cable construction and support equipment for use in multiple deployments. AFL meets the needs of audiovisual companies by providing a complete OEM solution that includes cable, connectors, cleaning and test equipment.