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Electric Utility

AFL delivers high performance and reliability to electric utility networks

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New SWAGE Aluminum Bus Accessories Case Study
Learn how AFL helped Logan City Light and Power reconfigure a substation into a ring bus design with fittings to accommodate a new transformer, replace copper bus and complete the installation within 60 days.
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AFL offers components, Smart Grid and other technologies
to improve your network

Fiber optic cabling allows electric utilities to expand the reach of their network. Our solution provides a robust infrastructure that enables improved data capacity and transfer rates along the transmission and distribution systems. As the main communication path that controls utility systems, optical cabling allows utilities to monitor power on the line, move power to avoid outages and brownouts, interact with substations and manage normal communications.

As Smart Grid and other technologies continue to roll out around the world, the general public will become more engaged in time-of-use decisions. As the number of consumers linked to the grid grows, so will the need to generate, share and move larger data packages on the network. AFL has been a leader in the electric utilities market since fiber optics was in its infancy, working closely with industry leaders to design and build customized cable that withstand lightning strikes, rain, heat and wind.

As the global manufacturing leader of fiber optic cable and substation fittings, AFL delivers high performance and reliability to your network. With experience in networks from eight to 600 miles, AFL has a wide range of custom-designed products that will help increase efficiency of networking operation centers, power-generating facilities and substations.

AFL offers:

A systems approach to solve problems coupled with a passion for customer satisfaction make AFL a global leader in the fiber optic cable and component business. If you need one company with the experience, ingenuity and know-how to engineer, furnish and install an entire electric utility network, call AFL.