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Innovative technologies for imaging, 
laser power delivery and diagnostics

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Medical device manufacturers rely on AFL for enabling photonic technologies, early-stage product development and high-volume manufacturing

As a pioneer in multi-core image fibers and fiberscope assemblies, the Fujikura name is synonymous with quality and performance. Fujikura image fiber has excellent image-carrying characteristics with low transmission loss and high mechanical durability for use in numerous minimally invasive medical applications. New developments by Fujikura in plastic image fiber and miniature CMOS modules are designed to enable device manufacturers pursuing disposable scope applications.

Medical laser applications continue to grow as the ability to safely deliver high power over larger fibers or fibers bent to tighter radii continues to increase. Fujikura’s 2 mm polymer clad fibers and up to 3 mm silica clad fibers lead the industry in diameter capabilities. AFL’s expertise in termination, splicing and shaping of fiber ends provides device OEMs with solutions to challenges affecting device reliability and performance.

AFL can also provide custom engineering services for special splicing or fiber preparation applications. These services may include custom hardware or software design, and process improvement consultation. Services may also include advanced splicer training and maintenance service agreements. 

Additionally, if your company is developing a new optical component and/or requires a critical splice, AFL may be able to fabricate spliced components, such as dissimilar fiber splicing, ball lens, tapers, TEC, combiners, and MFAs to help accelerate your time to market.   

Fiber optic sensors continue to emerge in the medical field due to improved accuracy, small size and safety (non-electrical). Photospectrometry-based diagnostic equipment has long been in use but continues to benefit from new methods which offer lower cost, shorter integration times and more sensitivity.

For the latest medical technology advancements, look to Fujikura and AFL for:

With large-scale termination facilities, world-class R&D capability, strong vertical integration, regional product development support, ISO 13485 and GMP quality processes in place and a global reach, AFL provides device OEMs with a capable partner in every respect.