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To address the rapidly expanding market for field installable HDTV camera connectors, AFL and Winchester Electronics have partnered to develop a customized Winchester KINGS® brand Fujikura fusion splicing system for installation of the Fiber Optic Tri-Loc® Camera Connector for SMPTE 311 hybrid fiber optic cable and the AFL FuseConnect field installable connectors.

AFL's wire and cable dead end clamp attachments are manufactured to the exacting details of our Dossert® brand of products. We provide a solution for contact and trolley wire, stranded solid copper and aluminum strand, Copperweld® and alumoweld applications. AFL dead ends exceed the rated breaking strength of the wire and/or cable applied and operate within safe working loads and industry factor of safety compliance.

Welded end plug is designed for use on bus pipe. Used to minimize electrostatic losses and to prevent nesting of birds.

Seamless bus pipe is an extruded tubular product used to convey electricity. It is manufactured to a “nominal,” not actual, inside diameter. The wall thickness is described by a “schedule.”

Seamless bus tube is a round, hollow material manufactured to a specific outside diameter (O.D.) and wall thickness. It is produced to meet specific end-user requirements.

Rectangular shapes are the all-purpose rigid conductor for switchgear, control apparatus and busways. The use of multiple bar bus can provide a large surface area for heat dissipation. Joints and taps are easily made by bolting or welding; it is also easy to make off-sets and 90-degree bends.

This shape is used for station bus, open or enclosed, and for the high-current bus of outdoor substations for distribution voltages, as well as for 600 volt bus for industrial plants.

The universal angle bus conductor is used for moderate-size outdoor substations at distribution voltages. Center line grooves make it easy to locate bolt holes. The bus can be mounted directly on insulator caps since both legs are of uniform thickness.

AFL 230 kV Aluminum Welded Bus Pipe Couplers are designed to connect two bus pipes and carry the full current of the bus pipe.

Aluminum to bronze angular expansion connector is designed for expansion and contraction in long bus runs. Stud connector angle can be adjusted to suit customer's application.

Straight Adapter Tube to Cable Adapter is designed to make inline connection between pipe and stranded cable. Cable is “puddle” welded to connector and connector is then welded to tube. Not recommended for use on ACSR conductors due to difficulty welding steel core.

Welded elbows offer economical method for field fabrication where angular turns are required. Elbows are designed with chamfer to provide ease of welding. Available for 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angles.

Transverse tee taps are designed to provide terminal connections in span on tubular bus. Pads have contact surfaces on both sides. Pads conform to NEMA standards.

Grounding stud is designed for attaching grounding clamp to de-energized bus tube for maintenance. Stud is designed with tee-shape section for use on all bus sizes.

Welded bus pipe tee and vee connectors for A-FRAME fabrication. The accessories are designed for easy installation.

Tee adapter is designed with saddle to allow connector to be clamped to bus tube during field welding. Stranded conductor is puddle welded to connector and then connector is welded to bus tube. Not recommended for use on ACSR conductors due to difficulty welding steel core.

Aluminum cable bus supports are designed to connect aluminum cable to insulators on 3-inch, 5-inch and 7-inch bolt circles.

Expansion support is designed to compensate for expansion and contraction during long bus runs. A bus support coupler is designed to conduct the full rated load of the tubular buses.

Aluminum bus bar supports are designed to connect bus bar to insulators on 3-inch, 5-inch and 7-inch bolt circles.

Aluminum integral web channel bus (IWCB) supports are designed to connect IWCB to insulators on 3-inch, 5-inch and 7-inch bolt circles. AFL offers fixed and slip integral web channel bus supports.

AFL cable couplers are designed to connect two conductors and carry the full current of the conductors.

AFL 230 kV Aluminum Bolted Bus Pipe Couplers are designed to connect two bus pipes and carry the full current of the bus pipe.

NOYES OPM1 is a simple field tool for measuring optical power on LAN/WAN, Telco, and Broadband networks. Rugged and easy to carry, the OPM1 provides accurate signal measurements. Simple user interface is perfect for novice users or technicians on the go who need a simple quick tool for checking optical power.

NOYES OPM4-FTTx PON Power Meter is designed to support real-world ONT installation and maintenance. Packed with special features, the OPM4-FTTx provides technicians with a troubleshooting and verification tool specifically designed to minimize length of service calls enabling faster FTTx roll outs.

NOYES OLS1 LED source is a cost-effective two-port 850 nm and 1300 nm LED source for basic testing of multimode fiber networks. OLS1-1C supports testing of 1000 µm Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) and 660 nm output can be used for tracing fiber links to visually locate cable ends. OLS1-2C supports testing of 50 µm and 60 µm multimode fibers.

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