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Featured Cleaning Products


Ensure consistent results with AFL cleaning supplies

AFL offers a complete line of cleaning supplies to remove common contaminants from fiber optic connectors. Dust, dirt, oils and other particles accumulate on optical connectors and can completely block signals. Quickly reduce costly downtime to your fiber optic network with AFL’s cleaning supplies.

Dry Cleaning Products

AFL’s dry cleaning products remove dust particles from optical connectors, jumpers, adapters and ferrule end-faces. From our One-Click cleaners to Cletop cassette cleaners, AFL’s dry cleaners feature low costs per clean, compact and lightweight designs and simple, ergonomic operation for consistent cleaning results every time.

Wet Cleaning Solutions

AFL wet cleaning products are designed to remove dirt, oils and metallic particles from fiber optic connectors. Applied with our NOYES® connector cleaning tips or FiberWipes™, AFL wet cleaning products are non-flammable, low odor and ozone friendly. AFL wet cleaning are rated not hazardous/not regulated for all modes of transport and can be shipped directly to the job site.

Cleaning Kits

AFL offers a complete selection of fiber optic compact cleaning kits for field cleaning of connector end-faces and splicer v-grooves. We offer a wide variety of pre-stocked or custom kits to meet your application needs plus individual items to keep your cleaning kits stocked and ready for use.