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Wet Cleaning Solutions


Kimwipes are specially designed paper fiber optic cleaning wipes which can be used for cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments, camera lens, fiber optic connectors and other electronic items. These delicate task wipes have been specially designed for cleaning those surfaces where the presence of minimal lint or dust can interfere with the normal functioning of the equipment or electronic item.
FPF1 is a non-flammable, environmentally safe, solvent engineered to clean fibers after stripping, before fusion splicing or field termination. It out performs alcohol without the health and safety risks. FPF1 Fiber Preparation Fluid can by shipped with your fusion splicer anywhere by any method. FPF1 fluid is engineered to provide the same familiar "squeak" when the fiber is clean so, technician require no retraining.
The AFL FCC2 Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid is a non-flammable, environmentally safe, residue free solvent engineered to easily and safely remove contaminants from fiber optic end-faces. It outperforms alcohol IPA based cleaners without the health and safety risks. The compact size of the FCC2 3 oz. can makes it easy to fit in cleaning, tool, inspection, and test equipment cases. FCC2 solution is not hazardous and not regulated for all modes of transportation and shipping including air-cargo.
Cletop (ACT) adapter cleaning sticks offered by AFL are an easy an efficient means of cleaning fiber optics connectors in adapters and cleaning alignment sleeves. Cletop sticks are available in sizes for most common commercial connectors (ST, SC, FC, LC, & MU), military connectors, and LEMO connectors for video applications. When connectors need to be cleaned inside adapters, you can rely on the Cletop stick
CCT Cleaning Tips from AFL meet the cleaning needs of today's networks. CCT Cleaning Tips are a unique technology in fiber connector end-face cleaning. The tips are a molded, sintered polymer that is both porous and pliable conforming to virtually any fiber end-face polish geometry while trapping and absorbing contaminants. Designed to be used with AFL's FCC2 Connector Cleaning Fluid for a consistent and reliable connector cleaning system. Sizes are available for most connectors.
Specifically designed to remove and trap common contaminants found in fiber optic installations, AFL FiberWipes provide superior cleaning results from material that is stronger and more absorbent, yet softer than traditional cellulose wipes. Packaged in a clean room, the fabric is considered “fiber optic grade”. FiberWipes are available in rugged mini-tubs (90 wipes) or in hermetically sealed individual packages (FiberAide 1) and are the perfect size for tool kits and test kits.
The Sticklers™ brand CleanWipes™ are a convenient cleaning tool designed for high-speed cleaning of optical jumpers and patch cords. Its designs enables technicians to clean fiber optic end-faces at the lowest possible cost per clean.