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  • Cost effective, saving time for line crews
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Easy to use, simple to operate
  • Cleans to the core for better quality
  • Stand is adjustable for stability and removable for flexibility
  • Minimizes likelihood of premature failures
  • 12 and 18 volt systems


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Improper cleaning of conductor strands can result in higher resistance terminations and splices that cause fittings to operate at higher temperatures leading to premature failure. To alleviate this concern, AFL now offers ConductaClean, a reliable, cost-effective system for cleaning the ends of overhead conductors prior to installing compression terminations and splices. ConductaClean incorporates technology developed by the Electric Power Research Institute.
Manufactured by EDM International, Inc., ConductaClean agitates a specialized solution to remove oxidation and grime from conductor strands, and can be adjusted for one, three or six minute cycles depending on the condition of the conductor. With ConductaClean, line crews can thoroughly clean conductors in much less time than traditional hand-cleaning methods. The compact and portable design allows linemen to operate wherever the splice is most efficiently made – whether on the ground or up in a bucket. 



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