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CopperClad Composite Conductors (CCC)



  • Strength – The steel component of the CCC provides a higher tensile strength. Additionally, it is a lighter weight product compared to solid copper.
  • Ampacity – CCC conductor offers higher ampacity for the same wire size as standard CopperClad strand.
  • Fatigue resistance – The steel cores within the strands of CopperClad allow the composite conductors to perform better than solid copper under stress.
  • Corrosion resistance – The EHS CopperClad wire component has the equivalent rust-resisting life of an all-copper wire of equal size.
  • Theft resistant – With a steel core permanently bonded to a thick copper exterior, the composite conductors offer less scrap value, discouraging theft and leaving the electrical system intact.


  • Neutral messenger for aerial cable
  • Catenary messenger
  • Grounding and power conductor for electrified railroads
  • Electrical conductor for utilities


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CopperClad Copper Composite (CCC) conductor provides the designer flexibility of strength and conductivity. By manufacturing the conductor with varying proportions of
hard drawn copper wire and 30% conductivity Extra High Strength (EHS) CopperClad wire, these characteristics can be achieved.