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CopperClad Wire and Strand High Strength / Extra High Strength



  • Steel component of CopperClad creates a strong conductor which can withstand more mechanical abuse than solid copper wire
  • Easy to handle and install without special tools or equipment
  • Copper cladding permanently bonded to the central steel core
  • Demonstrates the same corrosion-resistant properties as copper while maintaining the high strength of steel
  • Very little scrap value, discouraging theft and leaving the grounding system intact


  • Overhead Ground Wire
  • Guy Wire
  • Messenger Wire



High Strength (HS) and Extra High Strength (EHS) CopperClad Steel Wire from AFL
provides the same conductivity and corrosion resistance as copper while maintaining
the high strength of steel. Frequently used for overhead ground wire and messenger
wire, HS and EHS CopperClad Steel Wire can resist mechanical damage caused during
installation plus electrical damage during a fault condition. Carbon steel is bonded with
a uniform layer of oxygen-free copper cladding to ensures that the copper will not flake,
crack or peel when the wire is twisted, installed or buried.