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CopperClad Wire and Strand High Strength / Extra High Strength

CopperClad Wire and Strand High Strength / Extra High Strength


  • Stronger than copper – the steel component of CopperClad wire creates a strong conductor which can withstand more mechanical abuse than solid copper wire.
  • Easy installation – a special heat treat process results in a very malleable wire that is easy to handle and install without special tools or equipment.
  • Theft resistant because the copper cladding is permanently bonded to the central steel core, CopperClad wire and strand offers very little scrap value, discouraging theft and leaving the grounding system intact.
  • Corrosion resistant – CopperClad wire and strand exhibits the same corrosion-resistant properties as copper, but maintains the high strength of steel.


  • Overhead Ground Wire – The combination of conductivity, corrosion-resistance and high strength are the foundation of this protection.
  • Guy Wire – CopperClad HS and EHS strand can be used as a corrosion-resistant guying material for distribution and transmission lines.
  • Messenger wire – High strength and conductivity make CopperClad wire and strand a good choice for this application.



High Strength (HS) and Extra High Strength (EHS) CopperClad wire and strand combines the electrical characteristics of copper with the mechanical properties of high strength and extra high strength steel. This combination, often used as overhead ground wire and messenger wire, can resist mechanical damage during installation, as well as electrical damage during a fault condition. The heat process that bonds the thick copper to the exterior of the steel core ensures that the copper will not flake, crack, or peel when the wire is twisted, installed, or buried.