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Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

AFL’s Loose Tube family of fiber optic cables is designed for outdoor and indoor/outdoor use as the network backbone whether it is for aerial lashed or underground applications. Depending on the environmental and performance criteria, AFL has an array of jacket options to withstand even the harshest petrochemical or cold climate exposures. Designs are available with gel-filled or gel-free, color-coded buffer tubes. Most common are the Non-Armored Loose Tube cables where the S-Z stranded tubes are contained within a single or double jacket configuration. The standard jacket material is polyethylene, which provides a rugged, durable finish, while other jacket options including Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) are available for applications requiring adherence to stricter environmental standards. The Non-Armored Loose Tube family is an all-dielectric construction meaning it contains no metallic components, therefore no bonding or grounding is required.

Acting as the backbone for most of today's fiber based systems, stranded fiber optic cables play a critical role in the high speed network.
AFL's Armored Loose Tube Single Jacket/Single Armor fiber optic cables are designed to provide high fiber counts with the flexibility and versatility required for today's most demanding installations.
AFL's Armored Loose Tube Double Jacketed/Single Armor fiber optic cables are designed to provide high fiber counts with the flexibility and versatility required for today's most demanding installations.
AFL's Armored Uniflex™ fiber optic cable is a central tube, loose tube product used in various outside plant applications and can be installed via direct-bury, lashed aerial and duct.
AFL's Heavy Duty Uniflex™ loose tube fiber optic cable features a central tube design and thicker-walled jacket compared to standard Uniflex. This option provides for a more robust construction able to withstand higher crush and impact forces.
AFL MicroCore® is an advanced Blown Fiber Optic Cable system for underground ducts and sub-ducts.
Indoor/Outdoor stranded loose tube combines the robust mechanical and environmental characteristics of an outside plant cable with the flexibility of an inside plant riser cable.
AFL's All-dielectric Rodent-Resistant cable is designed specifically for environments that have an increased risk of rodent infestation and disturbance.
Consisting of thermoset (XLPO) jacket, AFL's LX-series of low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) loose tube cables are specifically designed for harsh environments.
The LA-Series fiber optic cable is design to operate reliably at temperatures as low as -50C and up to +70C. The optical fibers high protected in gel-filled tubes and surrounded with a jacketing system comprised of two layers of highly flame and chemically resistant low-toxicity (LSZH) polyments and a high impenetrable aramid yarn matrix. The cable line meets IEEE 383, CSA FT4 and NEC/NFPA OFNG-LS performance standards.
LL-Series products provide the communications networking market with a cabling solution that combines Indoor/Outdoor features plus the addition of low-smoke and and low-toxicity.
The AFL family of FAA-compliant fiber optic loose tube cables is specifically designed for airport and related installations that must comply with meet U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.