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SpiderWeb® Ribbon (SWR®)

SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR®) is a bonded fiber design that allows for highly efficient ribbonizing applications or for individual fiber breakouts in pre-terminated optical assemblies.

SWR provides the technology for a completely new generation of innovative cable designs. It consists of 12 fibers that are connected to each other by an intermittent UV-curable resin bond. The intermittent nature of the bond allows the ribbon to be bunched and collapsed similar to a bundle of loose fibers. It further lets the ribbon act as either a traditional ribbon for mass fusion splicing or be broken out into individual fibers for single fusion splicing. This feature of a collapsible ribbon allows for significant high-density fiber packages in outside plant and indoor listed fiber optic cable design. This means more fiber in smaller cable diameters that allows for significant cable diameter and weight reductions which drive lower cost for installation and better utilization of pathways.

This flexibility of SWR means that a single cable type can cover a diverse set of applications. High-density round designs allow for the most efficient use of space and materials to combine for a cost-effective solution.

A number of AFL’s cable designs now incorporate SWR technology. Learn more about ribbon identification and individual fiber identification in an access or FTTx solution.


The third generation of our Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore® fiber optic cables is another astounding evolution of high performance premise cabling. Enabling even greater pathway density than our 2.0 version, the 3.0 revolutionizes cable deployment and allows the end user to realize savings in space, routing infrastructures and fiber management.
The AFL eABF® SWR® (SpiderWeb® Ribbon) fiber optic cable combines the best of ribbon fiber mass-fusion functionality and single fiber-bundle packing density. Eliminating the need to sort and arrange individual fibers, SWR bundles allow for quick and efficient installation of round, high-fiber density geometry designs using MPO multi-fiber connectors or mass-fusion splicing.
Designed for mass terminations, AFL's Interconnect Premise MicroCore® Fiber Optic Cable is designed to support multiple channels at the highest data rates within a small footprint.