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Ruggedized Indoor/Outdoor Riser Breakout Cable


  • Fungus and UV Resistant High-Performance outer jacket
  • Water-Blocked
  • UL 1666 OFNR Riser
  • Part 7, Subpart K of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - MSHA Approved
  • ICEA S-104-696


  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Campus Installations

Product Description

AFL Ruggedized Indoor/Outdoor Riser Breakout Cable is suited for applications requiring a high performance fiber optic cable.  Water-blocked and reinforced with all-dielectric strength members within the core, this cable can withstand the rigors presented by higher end installations.  Available in 2 - 12 fiber counts, these cables feature a UV and Fungus-Resistant semi-pressure extruded outer jacket.  Individual sub-units measure 2.5mm, allowing for ease of field termination. Sub-units are also water-blocked adding to the overall protection of the fiber optic components from environmental damage.

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