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Fiber Optic Imaging,
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New technolgies that enable remote imaging, sensing and light power delivery


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Featured Fiber Optic Imaging, Energy and Sensing Products

AFL provides unique specialty fiber components and assemblies

Remote visualization solutions for medical and hazardous industrial applications are enabled by three different AFL technologies:

  • Fused silica image fibers
  • Plastic image fibers
  • Miniature CMOS assemblies

In some high temperature or radiation environments, our fused silica based fiberscope is the only capable visualization solution available. For medical applications, our flexible, high-resolution image fiber enables the smallest devices to enter small body orifices, thereby enabling newer methods of minimally invasive surgery. Our plastic image fibers and miniature CMOS modules are key enablers in the pursuit of low cost, disposable scopes.

Spectrometry and other optical sensing techniques benefit from AFL’s wide range of large diameter, solarization resistant and specially coated fibers. AFL has the know-how to bundle fibers and produce fiber assemblies for harsh industrial environments. OEMs struggling to measure light in a high temperature, radiation, UV or vacuum environment can find a solution at AFL that they are unable to find elsewhere.

Medical laser applications continue to grow as the ability to reliably and safely deliver high power over larger-diameter fibers and fibers bent to tighter radii continues to increase. AFL’s 2 mm polymer clad fibers and up to 3 mm silica clad fibers lead the industry in diameter capabilities. AFL’s expertise in termination, splicing and shaping of fiber ends provides medical device OEMs with a quality-oriented fiber supplier that can help them develop solutions in the R&D phase and then partner with the device manufacturer to provide low cost, high-quality assemblies or contract manufacturing services at later stages.