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The AFL TITAN RTD® FTTx system featuring AFL TRIDENT™ Hardened Fiber Optic Connectors (HFOC) is a unique product set that allows for quick and easy subscriber connections anywhere in the OSP access network. The sealed and rugged design of both the AFL TITAN RTD Multiport and AFL TRIDENT connector allow for long term reliability when installed anywhere in the network—underground, in pedestals, on poles, or on aerial strand or ADSS cables. Unlike other solutions in the market, the AFL TITAN RTD Multiport is designed to allow for re-entry to ease connector repair in case of damage incurred in the field.

The AFL TRIDENT connector is a fully hardened connector designed to withstand the rigors of the outside plant environment, tested to full Telcordia GR-3120 requirements to ensure operation during the harshest environmental and mechanical conditions. The AFL TRIDENT connector employs an innovative “BNC-like” latching mechanism, enabling subscriber connections within seconds.

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The AFL TITAN RTD Multiport is a factory terminated OSP fiber terminal designed for quick and easy subscriber connections anywhere in the OSP network when used inconjunction with AFL TRIDENT Hardened Fiber Optic Connectors.
The AFL TRIDENT connector provides quick and easy plug and play connections to the AFL TITAN RTD® multiport terminals, enabling fast service subscriber connections.