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NOYES® certification and loss test kits from AFL are used to certify new fiber installations and locate faults in deployed fiber optic networks. Certification test kits measure the length of fibers and perform Tier 1 loss tests providing pass/fail feedback to users to ensure fibers meet TIA/ISO/EN standards or user values. Certification kits have an integrated visual fault locator (VFL), optical light source (OLS), and optical power meter (OPM). Kits are also available with integrated single-mode and multimode optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) which can perform Tier 2 testing. Loss measurement, length and OTDR results can be saved and uploaded to PC for further analysis and/or archiving.

Featured Products

Measure downstream signal power on FTTx networks carrying both 1490 nm and 1550 nm signals with standard NOYES optical power meter.
Fiber Rings from AFL are often a necessity when testing with an OTDR. Both a launch and receive cable are required to measure complete link loss of a fiber with an OTDR. Because very long test cables are impractical to transport and use, AFL offers coiled lengths of 50 µm multimode, 62.5 µm multimode, or single-mode fiber conveniently packaged in compact rings.
Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of network failures. Prevention is a simple as cleaning connectors! The One-Click Cleaner is an easy-to-use option for cleaning connectors on jumpers and in adapters. Simply insert the cleaner into an adapter and push until an audible “click” is heard. The One-Click Cleaner uses the mechanical push action to advance an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fiber end-face is effectively, but gently cleaned.
The DFS1 Digital FiberScope inspects fiber optic connector end-faces for damage or contamination. The DFS1 delivers video images via USB for display on AFL’s M-series OTDRs or C-series Testers. SimpleView™ software allows users to view end-faces using the DFS1 connected to their laptop's or PC's USB port. The DFS1 is powered via USB, eliminating the need for batteries or an AC adapter. Adapter tips are available for a wide range of optical connector ferrules and bulkhead adapters.
Adapter tips are used with the DFS1 Digital FiberScope to inspect ferrule ends of jumper cables, as well as fiber ends mounted inside bulkhead adapters on the front panels of transmission equipment and in patch panels. Tips are available in a variety of lengths for both UPC and APC connectors. Commonly used FC, SC, and LC adapter tips are included in DFS1 Digital FiberScope Kits.
AFL SimpleView Fiber Inspection Software is an application that permits the NOYES DFS1 Digital FiberScope to be used with Windows® XP or Windows® 7 computers. AFL SimpleView software provides a live, high-resolution video image of the end-face of an optical fiber. This capability enables fiber installers and network technicians to inspect and troubleshoot optical fibers and verify that they are clean and undamaged.
Test ports on M200 series handheld OTDRs are equipped with tool-free switchable adapters, which can be changed in seconds. The fast change switchable adapters allow OTDRs to interface launch cables with a variety of connector styles.
NOYES standard thread-on adapter caps are used to mate non-angled and angled single-fiber and dual-fiber connectors to optical power meter ports on our M700, OPM1, OPM4, OPM5, T400, T500, and ORL3 series test sets.
Tool-free connector adapters allow connection of common fiber optic connectors and remove to support cleaning of launch ferule. NOYES products with tool-free adapters include, FTS2, OLS2-Dual, OLS4, OLS7, SVA1
Test ports on FLX380, OFL280 & OFL250 series handheld OTDRs are equipped with tool-free switchable adapters, which can be changed in seconds. The fast change switchable adapters allow OTDRs to interface launch cables with a variety of connector styles.
VS300 and OFS300 Fiberscopes have a threaded mount accepting NOYES standard adapters for inspection of many industry standard connectors.
VFS2 Adapter Tips allow VFS2 Inspection Probes to view connectors in adapters and exposed ferules (jumper ends).
To meet the new multimode light source requirements in TIA/EIA-568-B, AFL offers mandrels for 50 and 62.5 µm test jumpers with 3 mm jackets. Both mandrels have grooves to ensure that jumpers are wrapped exactly five times (as specified by TIA/EIA-568-B) and can be easily attached to test jumpers in seconds without tools or tape.