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Optical Power Meters

AFL offers a full range of optical power meters to support FTTx deployments, fiber network testing, certification reporting capabilities and basic power measurements. Read more about our handheld testers below.

AFL just increased the warranty period on these products to five years...at least two years greater than the industry average. Why? Because our products are rugged and dependable...truly second to none!

Featured Products

OPM5 Optical Power Meter is a versatile tool for testing all network types – FTTx/FTTh, LAN/WAN, Telco, CATV, etc. Designed tough for field use, the simple-to-operate software provides in unit file management for stored test data and fast USB transfer to PC. The included TRM® 2.0 Reporting PC Software provides full featured data management and pass/fail certification to industry standards.
NOYES Contractor Series Optical Light Sources and Power Meters: palm-sized tools designed for testing single-mode and multimode fiber network links. Weighing only 0.4 lb, Contractor Series units are ideal for field use.
The OPM1 is a simple field tool for measuring optical power on LAN/WAN, Telco, and Broadband networks. Rugged and easy to carry, the OPM1 provides accurate signal measurements. Simple user interface is perfect for novice users or technicians on the go who need a simple quick tool for checking optical power.
NOYES OPM4 Optical Power Meter is a versatile tool for testing all network types – FTTx/FTTh, LAN/WAN, Telco, CATV, etc. Rugged and easy to carry, the OPM4 provides accurate signal measurements. When paired with a NOYES brand optical source, the WaveID feature increases efficiency by allowing simultaneous measurement of two or more wavelengths while reducing technician errors with auto wavelength matching (source to meter).
Test Results Manager TRM® 2.0 is a powerful all-in-one Analysis and Reporting tool designed for use with AFL fiber optic test and inspection products. Users can review OTDR, OLTS, Certification and Connector Inspection results, analyze results and apply pass/fail criteria to Loss and OTDR results. Customized acceptance reports can be created by selecting from templates for presentation of results to end users for job signoff.
AFL's standard thread-on adapter caps are used to mate non-angled and angled single-fiber and dual-fiber connectors to optical power meter ports on our M700, OPM1, OPM4, OPM5, T400, T500, and ORL3 series test sets.