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OTDRs and Fault Locators

AFL optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and fault locators are used to certify new fiber installations and locate faults in deployed fiber optic networks. OTDRs and fault locators are available for both multimode and single-mode networks, including FTTx PONs. OTDRs scan fiber optic networks from one end of the fiber, displaying a trace and reporting detected events such as splices, connectors, micro- or macro-bends and fiber end. Fiber length is reported along with location, loss and reflectance of detected events. Several OTDRs are available with an integrated visual fault locator (VFL), optical light source (OLS), and/or optical power meter (OPM). OTDR results can be saved and uploaded to PC for further analysis and/or archiving.

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The successful M200 OTDR with integrated VFL has beed replaced by an improved OTDR the M210. The M210 also includes an OPM making it capable of Tier 1, Tier 2 testing of MM and SM networks and end face inspection. Test, troubleshoot and document enterprise networks completely and easily using the intuitive Touch and Test® user interface which simplifies the user experience, reduces training time and minimizes testing errors.
AFL’s Trace.Net software is a Windows®-based application designed to view, analyze, edit, and print OTDR trace files uploaded from AFL OTDRs including the OFL280 FlexTester, OFL250 and M200 OTDRs. Trace.Net’s intuitive user interface displays graphical OTDR trace, event table, setup info, and fiber identification data.