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Welcome to AFL’s Newsroom.

Each day, AFL takes another step forward in the telecommunications industry, creating better products, improving outdated solutions and expanding to new locations across the world. Here, you can stay up to date with AFL’s latest press releases, blogs, social media news and much more. At AFL, we keep you connected.

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Latest News

AFL Associates Light the Night with Team Remission2

AFL associates and Spartanburg Scholars Academy students supported two survivors of leukemia by donating and fundraising for LLS

AFL Introduces Multiple Laser-based Glass Processing Systems

The LAZERMaster™ LZM-110M, LZM-110P, LZM-110M+ and LZM-110P+ splicing and glass processing systems uses a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, tapering, lensing or other glass shaping operations with glass diameters up to 2.3 mm

AFL Releases Double Trunnion Cable Support

The double trunnion has a smaller, more compact design and lowers the total cost of installation.

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Latest Blog Posts

Network Testing Workflow Management Solution

10/11/2016 3:08:07 PM | with 0 comments
aeRos/Rogue represents a fundamentally different approach to the challenge of testing your network.

Email Multiple Product Specification Sheets

9/9/2016 9:14:21 AM | with 0 comments
Our website allows you to send multiple product spec sheets to yourself or others. Follow these instructions to learn how.

The Achilles Heel of Fiber Optic Networks

8/17/2016 8:57:05 AM | with 1 comments
Dust and dirt contamination continues to plague fiber optic technicians. Fortunately, good tools exist to clean and inspect fiber optic connectors.

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