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Welcome to AFL’s Newsroom.

Each day, AFL takes another step forward in the telecommunications industry, creating better products, improving outdated solutions and expanding to new locations across the world. Here, you can stay up to date with AFL’s latest press releases, blogs, social media news and much more. At AFL, we keep you connected.

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Latest News

AFL ACTs to Support Local Community

Associates spent two days volunteering for Hope Remain Ranch and Habitat ReStore

AFL FOCIS Flex Supports Faster Response Times Using Varioptic Liquid Lens Technology

The inspection system integrates the Varioptic Arctic Variable Focus Liquid Lens designed for applications requiring fast response time and high optical power.

AFL Launches Tension Fiber Cleavers for Medical/Fiber Laser Market

The Fujikura CT-104 tension cleaver is designed for fibers with a cladding diameter of 80 to 600 µm.

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Latest Blog Posts

Videos: Instructional Videos for FASTConnect® Connectors

11/28/2016 9:11:09 AM | with 0 comments
A compilation of five instructional videos for our FASTConnect® connectors.

Network Testing Workflow Management Solution

10/11/2016 3:08:07 PM | with 0 comments
aeRos/Rogue represents a fundamentally different approach to the challenge of testing your network.

Email Multiple Product Specification Sheets

9/9/2016 9:14:21 AM | with 0 comments
Our website allows you to send multiple product spec sheets to yourself or others. Follow these instructions to learn how.

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