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At AFL, we understand the challenges facing service providers today, and we know what it takes to help your network achieve maximum uptime. We offer an end-to-end solution for central office with our EFI&T (engineer, furnish, install and test) services. These services, in conjunction with AFL’s complete offerings, are why the leading communication providers turn to us. Our technical capabilities and widespread resources are used to install networks worldwide in an efficient and cost effective manner.

With over two decades of installation experience, AFL’s people are familiar with all types, and manufacturers, of equipment and systems for communication networks. With our nationwide resources, we can manage individual applications or use our national accounts group for customers requiring multi-regional, certified installations.

AFL employs a skilled work force capable of delivering all of your needs. If you need it built, we are your full service provider.


AFL has a staff of highly trained professionals who perform quality audits on every project. Our experts dedicate themselves to ensuring our customers get the quality they expect and need to meet the demands of their end-users. We are committed to providing superior services and we demonstrate this to our leadership role in the Quest forum and TL9000 certification.

Fiber Characterization

AFL is a full service fiber characterization provider. We use only trained, seasoned professionals in this critical building block of the modern communications network. By providing a suite of testing procedures that are the most thorough in the industry, we will ensure the long term success of your network.

With custom solutions that work for you, AFL can provide detailed reports in our own formats or in a format that is tailored to your needs. In addition, AFL will provide custom solutions such as patch installation and fiber repair for anomalies found in the central office.


AFL’s team of engineers will provide the design and execution services required to ensure your network implementation is completed on time. We offer the full turnkey solution which includes site surveys, engineering services and network documentation. With end-to-end capabilities, AFL can implement all phases of the modern communications network. Our engineers ensure your success with the right materials and right design every time. 


AFL can supply any level of materials your network requires. We supply the highest quality installation materials which make requisition and delivery a stress free component in your project planning and implementation cycle. Our team of materials acquisition specialists combined with our distributed warehouse facilities are the key to reaching your network’s optimal capacity.


At AFL, we use our distributed warehousing network and logistics professionals to remove one of the most difficult portions of a project’s lifecycle: logistics. When you choose AFL as your partner, you no longer have to worry about the delivery, assembling or distribution of your network hardware because we have it covered.


AFL’s installation craftsmen take pride in building your network to the highest of industry standards. Our team follows the Bellcore standards as well as customized solutions to meet your internal standards and practices. We will meet the needs of your network deployments while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


A quality deployment is not complete until the network is operating to the specifications of the equipment providers. AFL’s highly trained professionals will certify your network until it meets the design criteria as well as your unique network architecture.

Site Audits

Operating a network is often challenging in today’s complex and fast moving environment. By partnering with AFL to solve your challenges, you can ensure the records in your facility are complete and accurate. We will ensure your provisioning system matches what is in your network by identifying open and stranded capacity. Your capital dollars can be directed to critical needs within your network.


AFL can remove obsolete equipment from your technical facilities to allow conversion to modern network environments. Partner with AFL and let us help you make the most efficient use of your technical space.

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