Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

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Improve signal strength, network capacity and coverage with DAS solutions


Indoor DAS

For venues that receive cellular coverage from an outside network, location and building structure become deciding factors in the quality of your service. If you are too far away from your tower, in a high-rise or occupying a LEED certified building, then cellular coverage can vary and in some cases fail completely. Lose the poor connections, and let AFL install an indoor distributed antenna system (I-DAS) inside your building. By setting up antennas within the building, AFL ensures constant connection between wireless carriers and their customers.
AFL has decades of experience providing the necessary network services, including the wireless access point as well as the network design, installation and maintenance. Plus, our Carrier Coordination Program helps customers avoid project delays by working with wireless carriers on behalf of the end user. We can provide quality cellular coverage for any type of building, no matter where it’s located, on time and within budget. And with AFL’s system monitoring we can keep your I-DAS up-to-date and disaster free.

Outdoor DAS

Boosting cellular coverage over large areas is an easy fix with AFL’s outdoor distributed antenna system (O-DAS). Our experts increase wireless coverage and capacity by installing nodes, antennas and necessary fiber optic cabling on existing infrastructure, such as utility poles. Although towers have greater coverage areas, large buildings, rough terrain and distance from a tower can result in poor service. With O-DAS, antennas are installed in multiple locations to guarantee strong connections for everyone regardless of their location.
For college campuses, stadiums or entire communities that need wireless service now, AFL can deploy its superior O-DAS technology on time and within budget. We work closely with customers, service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors and certified business partners to deliver high-quality services every time, and with AFL’s Carrier Coordination Program, projects are completed quickly and at the lowest cost. In addition, AFL offers quality system monitoring services, ensuring solutions today for tomorrow’s problems. 


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