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Other Community Iniatives

Additional Community Involvement

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AFL has a corporate culture of giving back. In fact, Community Engagement is one of AFL’s core values. Additional Community Outreach Program initiatives include:

Naruse Academic Scholarship
Each year, AFL awards a four-year scholarship to a child of a North American-based AFL associate entering a college or university. The scholarship was named in memory of Toshihide Naruse, Managing Director of Fujikura, AFL’s parent company. Mr. Naruse’s contributions to AFL were significant, and because of his personal interest in higher education, we are proud to honor his memory with this scholarship.

2018-2019 Award Recipient


AFL invests in events year-round that support requests from associates and nonprofit organizations. Whether AFL sponsors a child's sports or a fundraising event, we proudly support our community.

Disaster Relief
Our associates understand the need to reach out and help our communities. From hurricanes to earthquakes, AFL’s Community Outreach Program has matched the donations of associates when disaster strikes. AFL has reached out after these most recent disasters:
  • Mexico City Earthquake 2017
  • Hurrican Maria 2017
  • Hurricane Irma 2017
  • Hurricane Harvey 2017
  • Hurricane Matthew 2016
  • Louisiana Flooding 2016
  • South Carolina Flooding 2015
  • Hurricane Sandy 2012
  • Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami 2011
  • Haitian Earthquake 2010
  • Hurricane Katrina 2005

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