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Takamasa Kato


"AFL is a strong company and we have been pleased with its performance over the past several years. As growth continues in the telecommunications markets and we expand into new markets, I look forward to being a part of the AFL team and reaching our goals."

Takamasa Kato is chairman of AFL and special adviser to Fujikura Ltd., AFL’s parent company. Kato’s 45+year tenure spans various divisions including optical device manufacturing, telecommunications and research and development.

Kato began serving as AFL’s chairman in mid-2015. Before assuming this role, Kato’s most recent positions with Fujikura included executive vice president and member of the board of Fujikura Ltd., responsible for Research & Development. He was elected to Fujikura’s board of directors in 2001. Other former executive level positions were senior vice president of the Telecommunications Division; and senior vice president, executive vice president and chief production officer of the Research & Development Group.

Before serving in senior leadership capacities, Kato held a number of engineering, sales engineering, management, and business development positions with Fujikura at locations around the world. One notable contribution was his work on the Longitudinal Optical Cable Network Construction project conducted by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). He has also directed a wide variety of optical device and component projects for Fujikura.

Throughout his tenure with Fujikura, Kato built a foundation of product excellence. His experience in engineering, sales, research and development has contributed to the overall growth of Fujikura’s Telecommunications Division.

Kato earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Tohoku University and is actively involved in the Japan America Association of South Carolina.