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AFL Introduces New Fiber Preparation Products


Spartanburg, SC – AFL is introducing three new fiber optic tools at Photonics West 2011 including a Polyimide Fiber Coating Stripper, Optical Fiber Automatic Preparation Machine and Advanced Optical Fiber Cleaver. All products will be featured at Photonics West in San Francisco at AFL's Booth #4103.

PCS-100 Polyimide Fiber Coating Stripper
With polyimide coated optical fiber now widely used in the oil and gas and medical industries, the coating requires additional care to remove. The fiber's coating has superior heat and chemical resistance to conventional UV curable coating material. However, dangerous chemical stripping that uses hot sulfuric acid or burning the coating off are common methods to strip the coating due to its thin, strong adhesion to the glass fiber cladding. AFL's PCS-100 Polyimide Fiber Coating Stripper is the first tool that uses a mechanical stripping method, providing a safe, consistent and quick stripping solution.

Quick stripping – A razor blade is applied to the fiber with specific tension and the coating is precisely planed along the fiber automatically. The process takes less time than the conventional methods of acid or heat.

Safe and quality stripping – Because hot acid is not used, the operation is much safer. In addition, the fiber quality degradation is kept at a minimum as the glass surface is not damaged by oxidization of the coating during burning or arcing.

Flexible – Many parameters, such as the razor blade position and stroke, and fiber rotation angle are all adjustable for various fiber sizes and coating materials.

APM-100 Automatic Preparation Machine
The new APM-100 performs all the steps required to prepare optical fibers before splicing – automatically and with high consistency. This includes stripping the fiber without degrading fiber quality, cleaning fiber with alcohol to remove coating residue, and cleaving consistently at a right angle to the fiber axis. The entire process is complete in as little as 18 seconds.

Automatic cleaning – Main components in the machine are automatically cleaned allowing a continuous sequence of 100 fiber preparation operations.

Automatic residue collector – Coating residue and glass scraps are collected in separate containers. At least 100 fiber preparation operations may be performed without emptying the scrap collectors.

Alcohol circulation system – Alcohol for cleaning is circulated in a closed system enabling a lengthy refill-free operation.

Diamond blade – A diamond blade is used for cleaving and provides consistent cleaving quality.

Reliable stripping method – Contact of the stripping blade to the fiber is prevented using guides in conjunction with the blade. This minimizes damage to fiber during the stripping process.

Production-friendly design – The operating height is the same as the FSM-100 series splicers providing ergonomic, smooth and simple operation.

Advanced Optical Fiber Cleaver CT-100
Precise cleaving is required for photonic splicing applications, even as the types of optical fiber become more diversified to meet new applications. In addition, angled cleaving is often required for low back-reflection fiber end preparation. The CT-100 has been developed to offer adjustability and versatility for these various fiber types and applications while offering superior cleaving performance to conventional cleavers that utilize a circular blade. The CT-100 is equipped with a motorized diamond blade that touches the fiber after tension has been applied. The APM-100 uses this same cleaving system.

Large diameter fiber cleaving capability – Large diameter fiber up to 250 µm cladding diameter can be cleaved. Tension applied to fiber can be adjusted for optimum cleaving conditions for various fibers. Toggle clamps are equipped on both left/right fiber-ends to apply consistent tension to fiber, critical with LDF cleaving.

Angled cleaving capability – The fiber twisting angle is adjustable to set the torsion properly for the target cleave angle.

Cleave counter – A cleave counter is provided so users know the number of cleaves that have been performed. Operators can use this feature to determine blade adjustment and replacement timing.

Adjustable cleave length – The fiber clamping stage is movable, and cleave length can be adjusted from 3mm to 40mm.

Dual power sources – The internal battery slot allows battery operation using four "AA" size batteries, and the cleaver can also be operated using an AC/DC adapter.

At Photonics West
All these new products will be featured in AFL's Booth #4103 at Photonics West 2011 in San Francisco. In addition, on Tuesday, January 25, Doug Duke, Senior Application Engineer, will present "New Fujikura Equipment for Fiber Preparation" and discuss the entire new fiber preparation product line, including the CT-10 and CT-11 introduced last year. Demo Area 3 (North Hall) at 2:30 p.m.

For additional information on AFL's fusion splicing product line, visit

About AFL
AFL provides industry-leading products and services to the electric utility, broadband, communications, OEM, enterprise and wireless markets as well as the emerging markets of oil and gas, mining, nuclear, avionics and medical. The company's diverse product portfolio includes fiber optic cable, conductor accessories, outside plant equipment, connectors, fusion splicers, test equipment and training. Founded in 1984, AFL is proud to offer engineering expertise, exceptional products and reliable service that help our customers improve their business.

AFL has operations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia. The company is headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan. For more information, visit

About Fujikura
Fujikura is the world's leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables and equipment for installation, measurement, and testing. Fujikura incorporates "Tsunagu" technology making the Fujikura name synonymous with fiber optic fusion splicers. Visit for more information.


Greg Pickeral
Product Manager, AFL

Corie Culp
Public Relations Manager, AFL