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Fusion Splicer Rental Services

Prefer to rent a genuine Fujikura fusion splicers? Below are our approved providers.

AFL Splice & Save Offer

Ready to buy? We’ll send you a $250 gift card. Yes, if you rent any Fujikura fusion splicer from any of our approved providers and then elect to purchase any Fujikura splicer from any authorized distribution partner, you qualify. For details, contact our sales team.


+1 (800) 874-7123



+1 (508) 618-7899



BHD Instrumentation (Canada)
+1 (800) 565-3317


Electro Rent

Electro Rent Corporation
+1 (800) 688-1111



Somerset T&M Solutions
+1 (877) 282-9922


 Fiber Instrument Sales

Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc.
+1 (800) 500-0347



Optimum Fiberoptics, Inc.
+1 (888) 288-0084


Continental Resources

 Continental Resources
+1 (800) 937-4688


Millennium Leasing

 Millennium Leasing
+1 (262) 249-8705



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