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AFL makes fiber-to-the-home solutions possible using electric utilities’ existing infrastructure. 

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Electric utilities have relied on AFL for over 30 years. From transmission and substation accessories to cable and fiber optic hardware, AFL’s solutions improve the reliability of critical electrical and optical infrastructure used for the transmission and distribution of electricity. That same infrastructure also supports FTTx networks for delivering new services to electric utility customers.

Increasing demand for high-speed applications is driving many utilities to invest in or expand upon fiber optic networks. In the 1930s, large electric companies claimed it was too expensive and would result in too little profit to provide electricity to rural areas. This is similar to the arguments that telecommunications companies make today about broadband services. Today, utility companies, municipalities and electric cooperatives are well-positioned to utilize their existing power grids and rights-of-way to build and maintain effective FTTx networks for delivering these new services to rural areas or non-metropolitan locations. Internet access will improve the quality of life, like electricity did back in the 1930s.  

AFL is the only provider that offers a complete portfolio that includes end-to-end passive infrastructure, engineering and construction services. Our ability goes beyond the traditional Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I) model to integrate manufacturing and research & development expertise which results in our unique turn-key integrated solutions delivery model. Our FTTx solutions include:

  • Passive infrastructure—Fiber Apparatus, Optical Connectivity, Fiber Optic Cabling, Fusion Splicing Systems, Test and Inspection Equipment and Cleaning Supplies
  • FTTx electronics—PON Systems, Point-to-point, RF Video
  • System Engineering and Services
  • Project construction—Outside Plant Cable Installation, Drop Connections and Customer Conversions, Logistic and FTTx Project Management
  • Fusion Splicing Systems
  • Test and Inspection Equipment—OTDRs, WDM Test Solutions, Optical Fiber Identifiers, Inspection Solutions
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Training

AFL is the only company that connects you with products and services you need to create a cost-effective intelligent network. Choose AFL to help you bring Utility FTTx design and deployment from concept to reality. At AFL, we aren’t just one piece of the solution, we are the solution.


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