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Industrial Environments

Count on AFL to provide ideal solutions for use in diverse operating conditions

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AFL offers harsh-environment-capable fiber optic solutions for industrial facilities

Industrial environments are characterized by diverse operating conditions not found in most commercial locations. From power generation, smelters and petrochemical facilities to heavy industrial manufacturing, hydro- and coal-prep plants, the need for tough, durable network infrastructure and components is paramount. These operations need to be able to monitor equipment status and move large quantities of data across greater distances with predictability and without interference.
Fiber optics are particularly useful in the industrial market because of their unique properties. Unlike copper cable, fiber optic cabling is resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI), making it an ideal option for environments involving high voltages or machinery with variable frequency drives. Fiber optic cables do not conduct electricity, nor do they ignite in the presence of flammable materials, making them a safe alternative to traditional wiring. AFL offers specialty fiber cables which deliver predictable, repeatable and durable performance in the most demanding conditions, including those where high temperatures, chemicals and radiation exist.
AFL excels at providing end-to-end fiber optic solutions for communication network needs. Multiple facility complexes benefit from AFL’s complete array of structured cabling products: cable, connectors, fiber management systems, splicers and test and inspection equipment. 
In addition to fiber optic infrastructure products, AFL offers heat- and radiation-resistant fiberscopes and bundles for remote imaging and sensing equipment. In some cases, our heat- and radiation-resistant fiberscopes represent the only method for remote visualization. 
AFL has decades of experience providing fiber optic components into the harshest of environments. Our cornerstone OPGW cables are designed to span thousands of feet between transmission towers under wind and ice loadings of the world’s most remote environments. OPGW cables can also take direct lightning strikes to ground without damage to the fiber optic infrastructure inside. Specialty fiber optic cables are routinely deployed by our customers in coal mines, underwater and within oil rig casings. AFL’s fusion splicers have been designed to withstand a 30” drop and still operate. These are just a few examples of our rigorous design functionality.

AFL can also provide custom engineering services for special splicing or fiber preparation applications. These services may include custom hardware or software design, and process improvement consultation. Services may also include advanced splicer training and maintenance service agreements. 

With an outstanding reputation for product quality, reliability and technical innovation, AFL offers a variety of solutions for industrial facilities.
As industrial businesses continue investing in fiber optic solutions, AFL serves as a global partner with decades of experience providing oil refineries, automotive, power generation facilities and other operations with proven cable designs, infrastructure, connectors, equipment, accessories and training. With an outstanding reputation for product quality, reliability, customer service and technical innovation, AFL offers a complete solution to a variety of industrial needs.