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AFL supplies the transportation industry with a complete portfolio of optical cable, components and accessories

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AFL's Positive Train Control Solutions lead the way

As the transportation industry continues to modernize its highway, rail and aviation systems, the need to improve and update the communications infrastructure is leading to more robust networks capable of collecting, managing and transporting increasingly larger amounts of data over greater distances.


Over the last decade, the railroad industry invested in more sophisticated systems to automatically control and monitor train operations, making them safer, faster and greener for passengers and cargo. That investment received a big boost following the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) National Rail Plan.
Mandated by the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008, the National Rail Plan calls for an intelligent railroad systems framework that incorporates sensors, computers and digital communication technologies into train control, braking systems, grade crossings, defect detection, planning, scheduling and more. AFL supports these new regulations on Positive Train Control. Signaling engineers can count on AFL's experts to design and engineer fiber optic systems that replace antiquated signaling systems and track circuits currently in place. 
Industry and government leaders quickly embraced fiber optics as the framework infrastructure that could reliably transmit data even faster, while avoiding the hazards of electric shocks and interference. Using fiber optic cable allows railways to move large amounts of data over long distances in harsh environments with excellent transmission quality.
Whether in wayside boxes, above grade (ADSS) or below grade (OPGW), transit signal and communications applications require the toughest cables to ensure performance, safety and reliability. With decades of fiber optic expertise and its century-old Dossert® brand of power distribution products and services, AFL supplies overhead catenary systems and components to major high voltage, heavy-duty, high speed commuter rail companies.
With innovative cabling, optical connectivity, fiber management systems and test and inspection equipment, AFL leads the way with expertly engineered products and time-to-market efficiencies no other company can provide.

AFL is leading the industry with fiber optic technological solutions. AFL offers a full line of cabling systems that not only meet the need of the rail application, but optimize the network infrastructure.

Highways and roads

Many state Departments of Transportation (DOT) understand the value of investing in and using closed-circuit television cameras, message signs and traffic monitoring systems to improve safety and communication along thousands of miles of roads and highways. AFL has decades of experience working, supplying and assisting DOT operations with optical cable, connectors, closures, fiber management systems, splicers and test equipment.


The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict regulations that require installation and use of fiber optic networks and components. If you are looking for perimeter security, runway communication, control tower, lighting and control, inter-terminal network connections, let AFL custom design a system with higher pulling tensions, special jacketing or smaller diameters to fit your specific application. With a complete family of components and FAA-compliant fiber optic loose tube cables built to perform in airport and related installations, AFL offers the choice of single-mode, multimode, bend-insensitive and hybrid optical fibers.
Let AFL customize fiber optic communications cabling, connectivity and accessories to meet the exact specifications of the your transportation operations. Superior materials, engineering expertise and the industry's most respected training round out a complete portfolio of products and services for the transportation industry.