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Aerial Applications

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AFL offers the world's most complete selection of products and services for fiber optic aerial applications

Whether you are looking for basic, high tension or long span aerial installations, AFL has a complete portfolio of fiber optic cable, hardware and services designed to meet the most demanding transmission and distribution environments. As the leading world manufacturer of fiber optic cable, AFL is uniquely positioned to provide a full line of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) aerial cables, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), loose tube cable, customized solutions and supporting hardware and accessories.


ADSS cables are ideal for placement on overhead transmission towers, and are impervious to ice, wind, moisture, corrosion and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fitted with specifically-designed armored jackets to withstand high mechanical stress, ADSS loose tube cable is commonly used in cross-country applications where extra high voltage is present. Lightweight and small in diameter, ADSS cable reduces the load caused by ice and wind, as well as the load on towers and back props. Because it uses an existing electrical infrastructure pathway, replacing traditional wire with fiber optic cable is reliable and cost-effective. It can be installed on extra high voltage power lines without interruption of service.

Optical Ground Wire

OPGW, or static wire, performs the duties of a ground wire, and also provides a path for voice, video or data signal transmission by incorporating optical fibers into the design of the cable. OPGW easily integrates into a new or established high voltage system. Placed at the highest point on power utility structures, OPGW installations are both fast and reliable.

Loose Tube Cable

Choose from a complete line of high-quality loose tube cables for lashed aerial, duct and direct-buried applications. Our loose tube designs include a wide range of optical fiber types including low attenuation, superior geometry single-mode fibers, market-leading non-zero dispersion fibers and multimode fibers. If your needs are even more specific, let AFL's product engineering team custom design higher pulling tensions, special jacketing or smaller diameters to fit your applications.


For nearly three decades, AFL's SkyWrap fiber optic cable has been affordably providing a complete communication link in high voltage environments around the world where access to the overhead line is an issue. Helically applied on ground wires or phase conductors, SkyWrap cable is installed using a specially designed, lightweight spinning machine that wraps the cable on ground wire under live-line conditions.


AccessWrap provides a sustainable solution to take fiber optic connections to the last mile on distribution power lines. Based on AFL's internationally proven SkyWrap technology, cable is wrapped around the existing overhead power line infrastructure with minimal disruption to service and no modification requirements to structures. The cable is wrapped on phase conductors and designed to withstand aggressive aerial environments in any climate.
Regardless of the challenges faced in aerial applications, AFL provides a cost-effective, reliable solution. Utility companies trust AFL for leading technology that provides end-to-end solutions, including engineering support, custom designed cables, accessories and hardware.