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Easy-to-integrate enterprise solutions for air-jetted fiber optic cabling from AFL and Dura-Line

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Industry leaders join forces to deliver robust air-jetted fiber optic cabling systems

Two of the world's most innovative companies, AFL and Dura‑Line, have brought air-jetted cabling solutions to the 21st century. The result is a high-performance, fiber optic cabling solution for the enterprise market. Known as eABF®, this reliable, easy-to-install optical fiber network communications infrastructure offers the highest fiber density solution available today, giving the customer the greatest return-on-invest available for an air-jetted fiber physical network.


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The eABF system centers on some of the newest fiber optic technologies available for air-jetted fiber installations: the eABF cables and connectivity from AFL and the enterprise FuturePath® system from Dura-Line.

The eABF cable component is the first of its kind for enterprise-based air-blown fiber applications. The cable is a stand-alone, Telcordia GR-409 compliant construction with riser (OFNR) and plenum (OFNP) flame rating. In addition, the cable features a broad operating temperature range and water-blocking ,making it suitable for indoor/outdoor duct installations. The high-drag, low-friction jacketing system allows the cable to be jetted over long distances covering most enterprise campus applications. The cable is available in fiber counts from 6 through 72 fibers with all fiber types including SMF, OM2, OM3 and OM4 employing bend-insensitive fiber (BIF) technology. The eABF fiber selection also includes the option for selecting AFL SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) optical fiber technology-an easily configured fiber arrangement system to facilitate MPO terminations.

The eABF cable is designed for use in Dura-Line's Enterprise FuturePath system. The eABF Micro-duct options include indoor/outdoor riser, plenum, armored, low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and OSP products. All FuturePath micro-ducts incorporate Dura-Line’s exclusive low-contact ribbed inner surface and ultra-low friction Silicore™ lining. Network designers can choose from two through 24 micro-duct tube counts, and leverage an upgradeable physical pathway with the highest fiber density available in an enterprise air-blown fiber configuration. The rapid deployment and expansion capability exceeds 1,728 fibers in a single duct.

  • eABF Cabling Components

    • Six through 72 fibers for 6 mm ID micro-ducts
    • Bundled fiber groups or SpiderWeb Ribbon fiber options
    • Meets UL 1666 (OFNR) and UL 910 (OFNP) flame ratings
    • Standards compliance to Telcordia GR-409
    • MicroCore® LM-Series for long OSP-only backbone connections
    • Complete line of high-performance fiber optic connectors
    • High-density, modular patch panels and connector cassettes
    • Market-leading Optical Test Equipment and Fusion Splicers
  • Enterprise Micro-ducts

    • Two through 25 micro-ducts
    • Riser, Plenum and OSP options
    • Size ranges include: 5 mm x 3.5 mm, 8.5 mm x 6 mm and 12.7 mm x 10 mm
    • Low-friction Silicore lining
    • Complete line of connectors and distribution enclosures
  • Cable Jetting Equipment

    • Plumett UltimaZ¨ V-20 and MicroJet
  • Connectivity and Testing Equipment

eABF delivers a state-of-the-art, flexible, scalable enterprise communications pathway. Backed by AFL's ACE 25-year warranty on end-to-end fiber optic systems, network designers are choosing this cost-effective, comprehensive, end-to-end fiber optic structured cabling system based on its ease of installation and the resulting exceptional return on investment.




  • Cable Jetting Equipment