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CARDConnect-Backplane-Connector CARDConnect-Orthogonal-Mid-Plane-Connector

CARDConnect® Blind-Mate Solutions


  • Compatible with Epoxy/Polish and Lens MT ferrules
  • Mechanical float in X, Y and Z axes
  • Telcordia GR-1435-CORE compliant
  • Configurable with shutter system for eye safety and dust protection
  • Single-mode and multimode compatible


  • High density, robust blind-mate interconnect for data and telecommunications systems
  • Backplane and mid-plane connectivity in the server, router and switch

Product Description

AFL’s high density blind-mate CARDConnect hardware packages provide backplane and mid-plane connectivity solutions for applications such as server, switch and router line cards. The connectors incorporate a novel self-aligning feature which prevents misalignment when mating. A shutter system can be integrated to provide optimal eye safety and dust protection. AFL’s high density blind-mate connectors are designed to meet the requirements of TELCORDIA-GR-1435-CORE.
The blind-mate mid-plane and backplane connector assemblies can be configured with
CARDConnect ferrule inserts that incorporate either traditional epoxy/polish MT ferrules
or AFL’s expanded beam lens MT ferrule providing flexibility of choice between traditional physical contact and non-contact expanded beam connector technology in the same platform. The RJ-45 style mechanical latching of the ferrule insert design provides ease of insertion into the connectors for individually terminated MT ferrules. Channel density is configurable by the number of ferrules incorporated into the connector hardware packages. AFL offers flexibility of array assemblies and configurations to meet application requirements including size constraints, fiber/cable type and the ability to incorporate custom fiber shuffles.

Ordering Information

AFL's CARDConnect solutions are completely customizable to meet your needs. Contact AFL customer service at 1-800-235-3423 to discuss your opportunities. Ferrule Inserts for Blind-Mate Solutions are sold separately. Please refer to the CARDConnect Ferrule Insert Assemblies specification sheet for more information. 

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