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MCX-Multi-Row-24F-Jacketed-Connector MCX-Single-Row-16F-Ribbon-Connector MCX-Single-Row-Connector MXC-Certified-Seal

MXC® Expanded Beam Connector Assemblies


  • Designed for high volume, low cost usage inside equipment
  • Lower mating force required (~3N) vs. traditional mating force with physical contact MT ferrule (10-22N)
  • Up to 16 fibers per termination
  • Lensed interface provides consistent loss and debris insensitivity
  • Multimode and single-mode compatible
  • Available in jacketed MicroCore®, jacketed ribbon or bare ribbon configurations


  • High density, robust blind mate interconnect for data and telecommunications systems
  • Card edge connectivity in the server, router and switch

Product Description

AFL’s expanded beam connector assemblies utilize the US Conec MXC connector designed with PRIZM® MT ferrules. The MXC connector is a next generation connector optimized for direct card edge interface in densely populated front panel applications. MXC assemblies target hyper-scale data centers and disaggregation solutions with ultra-high fiber counts of up to 64 fibers in one connector resulting in 1.6 TB of data transmission per second with each fiber operating at 25 GBps.
The plug and receptacle design of the MXC eliminates the need for traditional optical
connector adapters reducing the number of connector components and footprint size
in high density applications. Expanded beam technology reduces the negative effect of
end face dust and debris contamination on insertion loss, as well as provides a lower
connector mating force. Design flexibility of assembly configurations includes fiber type,
fiber count, and assembly lengths as needed to meet application requirements. AFL
supports additional assembly customization for unique system design requirements.

Ordering Information

For ordering inquiries, contact AFL customer service at 1-800-235-3423.

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