CARDConnect™ V-groove Assemblies


  • Custom polish angles
  • One to 16 V-groove channels
  • AR Coating optional
  • Single-mode and multimode fiber type
  • Core Pitch Tolerance +/-0.7 μm for 8 channels or less (for standard SMF)
  • Core pitch tolerance +/-1 μm for greater than 8 channels (for standard SMF)


  • Interface into pluggable optical modules and active optical cables
  • Connection into planar waveguide devices
  • Integration into MEMS devices

Product Description

AFL’s CARDConnect V-groove assemblies provide on-card integration into next
generation photonics devices. The V-groove assemblies are sold separately from module housing to allow customizable options to meet application requirements including fiber/ cable type, channel count, polish angle,and length of assembly.
AFL incorporates a flat lid in the design to facilitate the accurate alignment of the fibers
into the V-grooves by creating a three-point contact area thus providing excellent fiber
core position accuracy. Custom fiber assembly lengths and a variety of opposite end
connector types facilitate AFL’s unique ability to meet application requirements. The
CARDConnect V-groove assemblies are engineered to provide high coupling efficiency
and low insertion losses.

Ordering Information

AFL's CARDConnect solutions are completely customizable to meet your needs. Contact AFL customer service at 1-800-235-3423 to discuss your opportunities.

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