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Dissipator High-Efficiency Stockbridge Damper for ACCC® Conductors


  • Four natural frequency response modes and the unique weight shape provide one of the widest frequency ranges of coverage in the industry.
  • Damper’s unique bell shaped weight with smooth contours throughout the entire damper design provides corona performance up to 500 kV.
  • Unique conductor clamp design can be used on HiTemp® conductor applications up to 250°C without the need for armor rods.
  • Optional break-a-way bolt available to ensure consistent torque requirements.
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Product Description

ACCC® is a high-capacity, low-sag conductor that utilizes a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core that offers greater strength, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, lighter weight and excellent corrosion resistance. The lighter weight core allows the incorporation of up to 28% more aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty which serves to reduce line losses by 25-40% or more. The ACCC conductor’s greater strength and reduced thermal sag enable greater spans between fewer and/or shorter structures to reduce upfront capital costs.

New Bell-shaped Weight Design

AFL’s new Dissipator high-efficiency stockbridge damper 1700AA series provides a significant performance improvement over our traditional damper due to its unique offset bell-shaped weight configuration. The new offset weight design basically doubles the number of resonant frequencies, thereby providing a more consistent efficiency performance over the aeolian frequency span. AFL combined the proven performance of our unique bell-shaped weights and incorporated them in a design using two different size weights on unequal messenger lengths. The end result produced a damper with optimum performance that will eliminate damage caused by aeolian vibration thereby extending the life of a transmission line.

Applicable Conductor Types:



Please contact AFL for use.

VIBREC® Damper Placement Software

AFL has the longest standing history in vibration analysis today. From the many years of testing and gathering of empirical data, AFL introduced Vibrec, an integrated Windows®-based vibration analysis program that is available as a “Free Download” on our website. This program allows users to perform analysis on transmission lines by inputting  various mechanical and environmental parameters that can affect vibration. With this information, Vibrec determines how many AFL Stockbridge vibration dampers or Speed-Grip™ Spacers will be required for each span and suggests the best location for these accessories. You can also contact our technical support team for a free analysis.

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