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HiTemp® Compression Jumper for ACCC® Conductors


  • Specially tempered aluminum
  • Standard AH and SH dies
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Product Description

ACCC® is a high-capacity, low-sag conductor that utilizes a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core that offers greater strength, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, lighter weight and excellent corrosion resistance. The lighter weight core allows the incorporation of up to 28% more aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty which serves to reduce line losses by 25-40% or more. The ACCC conductor’s greater strength and reduced thermal sag enable greater spans between fewer and/or shorter structures to reduce upfront capital costs.

Specially designed and engineered to provide improved heat dissipation, AFL's HiTemp Compression Accessories are designed to operate 25-30% cooler than the conductor, extending its life. The HiTemp product line is rated for operation up to 250°C.

Specially Tempered Aluminum
HiTemp Compression Accessories are fabricated from a specially tempered aluminum that will transfer elevated current and dissipate increased heat more efficiently.
HiTemp Motion Control
AFL has engineered a full line of Motion Control Accessories for ACCC conductors as well as Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS) and ACSS/TW conductors. These accessories are designed to control Aeolian vibration and wake-induced oscillation under the increased operating temperatures of ACCC, ACSS and ACSS/TW conductors.
HiTemp Universal Compound (HiTUC)
AFL designed HiTUC to withstand the increased operating temperatures of high temperature/low sag conductors (ACCC, ACSS, ACCR, etc.).

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