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IMPACCT® Implosive Accessory Technology


  • For ACSR and ACSS conductors up to 765 kV
  • Dead ends, joints, terminals and jumpers available
  • ANSI C119.4 Class A qualified
  • Designed for full tension, dead ends and splices maintaining a minimum of 95% of the ASTM rated strength of the conductor
  • Permanent markings for ease of installation and identification
  • Standard NEMA pad spacing on connector points
  • Dead ends are available in eye configurations and some clevis arrangements
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Product Description

AFL's IMPACCT® (Implosive Accessory Technology) family of compression fittings is designed for ACSR and ACSS high-temperature conductors up to 765 kV. These new fittings use an aluminum tube and unique core grip feature which is compressed onto the conductor using a high-speed explosive referred to as Detcord.

The IMPACCT series is only available for ACSR and ACSS type conductors in the form of deadends, joints, jumpers and terminals. With quicker installation times and the
elimination of compression tools, IMPACCT provides lower installation costs.

Advantages Over Standard Compression

  • Hydraulic Compression tools and pumps are not required
  • No dies required
  • Filler Compound is not needed due to the tight, essentially void-free, compressed strand area
  • Joints can be pulled over stringing blocks thereby reducing the number of conductor stringing setups
  • Quicker installation times, elimination of compression tools provide a lower installation cost

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