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Standard Compression Dead Ends for AWAC Conductors


  • ANSI C119.4 Class A qualified
  • Permanent markings for ease of installation and identification
  • Designed for full-tension use; maintaining a minimum of 95% of the ASTM-rated strength of the conductor
  • Steel eye can be oriented in the field prior to installation


  • Compression dead ends for AWAC conductors
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Product Description

AFL's standard compression dead ends designed are for AWAC conductors. The aluminum body of the dead end is fabricated from AFL seamless drawn aluminum.

All dead ends are designed for full tension use, achieving a minimum of 95% of the ASTM-rated strength of the conductor on which they are used.

For die size sections 30AH and above, the end tapers of the compression portions of all compression accessories are supplied with a high voltage finish. Corona bolts are furnished as standard on 15º terminals for these section sizes.

The square edges of bolted pads on compression accessories could cause Corona in environments greater than or equal to 345 kV. Pads with edges and rounded corners are available by adding the catalog suffix “EHV”.

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