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390 and 490 Series Distribution Parallel Groove Clamps
390 and 490 Series Distribution Parallel Groove Clamps 480 Series Center bolt Parallel Groove Clamps 580 Series U-bolt Parallel Groove Clamps

Parallel Groove Clamps (PG)


  • Extended lip aligns clamp as bolt is tightened. Clamp base section forms a weather shield for the grooves. Compound stays in place, connections last longer.
  • Bolts are made of high-strength aluminum alloy and maintain high contact pressure during heating and cooling cycles.
  • Rotational tightening method for 396.6, 395.5 and 490.0 clamps provides accurate torquing. Set assembly finger tight and wrench tighten bolt indicator 1-1/4 turns.
  • Extruded clamps can be applied "hot" without taking them apart. No losing nuts or washers or fumbling for loose parts.

Product Description

Prior to the 1950s, heavy-duty clamped aluminum stranded conductor connections were made with grooves specially drilled for each conductor size. Performance was excellent, and a history of many years of satisfactory service supported this "precise fit" groove design. These "drilled-to-fit" grooves were the basis for AFL's research into a "universal groove" design of equal performance. A wide variety of groove shapes were tested. Many could be said to be "universal" in the sense they would accept a range of conductor sizes. However, a blended radii proved to be the shape that would accommodate a wide range of conductors and have the desired low electrical resistance for each conductor size. This patented groove shape is utilized in all of AFL's clamps and connectors.

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