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Double-Hotline-Bail-Connector Hotline-Bail-Connector Hotline-Tap-Connector

TAPLINK™ Hotline Connectors


  • Benefits
  • Body geometry provides consistent clamping force through thermal cycling
  • Can be used as a temporary or permanent connection
  • Can we installed using standard Hot Line Stick
  • Approved for use on ACSR, AAC and AAAC conductors
  • Tested to ANSI C119.4
  • Material
  • - Hotline Bail Body & Keeper —Aluminum
  • - Bail—Copper Alloy (Tin Plated)
  • - Eye Bolt—Stainless

Product Description

AFL Hotline Bail Connectors include a tin plated copper bail designed to protect the main line conductor from damage caused by arcing as hotline clamps are connected and disconnected. It consists of an extruded aluminum body that connects to aluminum and copper conductors by an extruded keeper and a stainless steel eyebolt. The geometry of the body allows the connector to stay within the elastic region of its mechanical properties, allowing the connection to maintain constant pressure, resulting in reliability of performance.

This connector is designed for hotline applications and can be removed and reused as desired as a temporary or permanent connection. It is rated for the full current capacity of the conductors within its range.

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