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OPGW 26 kV Isolator Kit
OPGW 26 kV Isolator Kit OPGW-Connector-Kit-for-Isolator OPGW-Connector-Kit-for-Isolator-Liquid-Tight-Conduit

OPGW 26 kV Isolator Kit


  • OPGW connector kit
  • 26 kV isolator
  • Conduit connector kit
  • Mounting bracket
  • For use on AFL AlumaCore cables only
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Product Description

The 26 kV isolator kit is designed for aerial optical cable system applications in which
complete electrical discontinuity is required. The isolator kit provides reliable interruption of electrical current, at voltages up to 26 kV and is a critical component of optical conductor and neutral systems, as well as optical ground-wire systems in which sectionalization of transient currents is required. The isolator can be installed on structures using traditional hardware or stainless steel banding.

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