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SkyWrap In-Line Joint Phase Wire
SkyWrap In-Line Joint Phase Wire SkyWrap Termination Joint Phase Wire SkyWrap Suspension Bypass Phase Wire SkyWrap Tension Bypass Phase Wire

SkyWrap® Phase Wire Hardware


  • Robust weather-proof track resistant designs to suit environmental and polluted conditions
  • Available for up to 288 fibres
  • Tower mounted enclosure boxes are 830 x 380 x 260 mm and are made to BS EN 50411-3 standard
  • Meets IEEE standard 1591.3
  • Phase-to-Ground complies with IEC 60 and IEC 1109 standards
  • Donut complies with IEC 60060-1, IEC 61109, IEC 60437, BS 5049 part 2-994, CISPR18-2 standards
  • Joint enclosures made to BS EN 50411-3 standard
  • Suitable for up to 300 kV system voltage

Product Description

A full range of hardware is available for fixing the SkyWrap cable to phase wire tower arrangements. The cable is passed around and kept away from conductor fittings using a specially designed bypass accessory known as ‘balehanger’. SkyWrap cable is passed down the tower to joint enclosures or termination joints via a specially design system called Phase-to-Ground. This system provides electrical isolation and mechanical support to transition the SkyWrap cable from phase conductor to a tower mounted enclosure. 
Conductor mounted enclosures or ‘donuts’ are also available for SkyWrap cable, this enclosure is held at the same electric potential as the conductor keeping the joint protected by the Faraday Effect.
Hardware fittings are available for tension and suspension tower designs using lattice towers, wood, steel or concrete poles.

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