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SkyWrap Tension Bypass Phase Wire
SkyWrap Aluminum Balehanger SkyWrap Cable Balehanger Cover SkyWrap Cable Clamp SkyWrap Cable Clamp with Nylon Insert SkyWrap Tension Bypass Phase Wire

SkyWrap® Tension Bypass—Phase Wire


  • Shaped aluminum balehanger provides secure passage of the SkyWrap cable around the conductor fittings
  • Aluminum balehangers are held at the same electric potential as the conductor
  • Balehangers can be applied to any conductor tension arrangement and design
  • Meets IEEE standard 1591.3-2011

Product Description

SkyWrap® cable is passed around the tower conductor tension fittings using a combination of specially designed bypass accessories known as ‘balehangers’. The SkyWrap cable is clamped to the conductor and passed around the tension fittings using balehangers to keep the SkyWrap cable away from the conductor fittings.

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