• Service Dead End


Dead End - Manufactured of aluminum covered steel.
Color code and crossover marks - Identifies conductor size and indicates application starting point.
Identification tag - Shows catalog number, conductor diameter range, and nominal conductor size.
General Recommendations
Service Dead Ends are used to make service drops on bare neutral messengers of self supporting cable. They are designed for minimum length, maximum economy and neatness of appearance. Service Dead Ends should not be reused after original installation. They are designed to be applied to spool insulators or wire holders having a smooth contour with diameters no less than 1 inch and no greater than 3 inches.
Rated Holding Strength
The mechanical strength of Service Dead Ends meets or exceeds NESC Grade "N", rule 263-E, Supply Services, for spans not exceeding 150 feet. For service drops exceeding 150 feet. Distribution Dead Ends are recommended. For direct application onto plastic jacketed conductors Coated Dead Ends are recommended. The published Rated Holding Strengths listed on page 5 are actual test results on unweathered conductor and are conservative when compared to typical values.
Tapping over the applied legs of the Service Dead End is not recommended. Taps should be located either six inches from the gritted legs or on the neutral tail continued past the crossover point.
When vibration is suspected or encountered, Distribution Dead Ends should be used since the design of Service Dead Ends are not intended for use under vibration conditions.




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