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5000HT Series HiTemp Compression Jumper Connectors
5000HT Series HiTemp Compression Jumper Connectors

HiTemp® Compression Jumper for ACSS Conductors


  • Specially tempered aluminum
  • Standard AH and SH dies


  • Compression jumper for ACSS conductors
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Product Description

The 5000HT Series Jumper Connector is specifically designed for ACSS conductors. The HiTemp® Jumper Connector is fabricated from a specially tempered aluminum that will transfer elevated current and dissipate increased heat more efficiently. All HiTemp Jumper Connectors are designed for limited tension use, maintaining a minimum of 40% of the ASTM-rated strength of the conductor. For die sizes 30AH and above, the end tapers of the compression portions of all compression accessories are supplied with a high voltage finish.

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