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3 Bundle Frame Spacer Damper
3 Bundle Frame Spacer Damper 3 Bundle Frame Spacer Damper Clamp Open 3 Bundle Frame Spacer Damper Screw Clamp Open 4 Bundle Square Spacer Damper

HiTemp® Spacer Dampers with Elastomer Bushed Clamps


  • Controls oscillation and aeolian vibration
  • High-temperature application

Product Description

AFL's HiTemp® Spacer Damper combines the function of a spacer in maintaining conductor separation and the function of a damper in controlling aeolian vibration and oscillation. The viscoelastic bushings firmly grip the ACSS or ACSS/TW conductor while eliminating possible fatigue breaks of the fully annealed aluminum strands. The product is rated for operation up to 250°C. AFL has developed spacer damper designs to meet various bundle configurations and installation requirements.

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