Space Dampers


Spacer dampers were originally developed to suppress bundle conductor subspan oscillations that could cause damage to multi-conductor bundle systems. Later, it was determined that they could be used to control aeolian vibration as well as wakeinduced oscillation. The spacer damper is designed to maintain the original geometry of the bundle system against loads. It must also restore the bundle to normal posture after experiencing severe loads due to short-circuit currents, ice and wind.
AFL's Spacer Dampers combine the function of a spacer in maintaining conductor separation and the function of a damper in controlling aeolian vibration and oscillation. The viscoelastic bushings firmly grip the conductor. AFL has developed spacer damper designs to meet various bundle configurations and installation requirements.
AFL's SVD Series Spiral Vibration Dampers are designed to eliminate the damage caused by Aeolian vibration and reduce overall vibration on bare cables.