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Guy Wire Vibration Dampers Stockbridge Type – 2200 Series


  • The guy wire damper features a specially designed hinged clamp with Belleville washers which provide maximum clamping area over the guy wire while maintaining a sufficient clamping force. The combination of these two features keeps the damper from “walking down” the wire.
  • No Special Tools Needed with Breakaway Bolt Option. With the breakaway bolt, no special tools or torque wrench is needed. Simply tighten the bolt until the head shears off.
  • The Vibrec damper recommendation program assists in damper requirements for guy wires. For more information visit or contact the AFL Technical Support Team at 1.800.866.7385.
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Product Description

Tower guys can be subjected to two types of wind-induced motion: aeolian vibration and wake-induced oscillation. These two motions can be created by smooth winds ranging from 2 to 30 miles per hour.

Aeolian vibration is a high frequency motion that can occur when a smooth, steady crosswind blows on aerial cables. Aeolian vibration can cause loosening of bolted connections and wear at the guy wire joints. With the proper placement of ACA guy wire dampers, aeolian vibration can be eliminated.

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